Hiroshima Day 71st Commemoration Ceremony

Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo

Hiroshima Day
71st Commemoration Ceremony

Grafton Peace Pagoda
Saturday August 6, 2016

Forever Renounce War
Create a Nuclear Free World

We come together to commit to peace and never again using weapons of mass destruction. Let us come together to create world peace one step at a time. Let us find ways to heal the earth and all beings.  We must have no enemies and become the enemy of none.

6:30 PM walk from Grafton Town Square to Peace Pagoda (4.3 miles)
8:30 PM Program of Peace

Ceremonial Lighting of Lanterns
Interfaith Prayers for Peace
Musical Offerings
Fire Hoop Dance

Rain or shine.  Please wear weather-appropriate clothes and bring a flashlight and insect repellant.  You may also want a blanket.

Nipponzan Myohoji

Grafton Peace Pagoda
87 Crandall Rd, Petersburgh, NY 12138