An excerpt from Walks Far Woman an article written by Louise Dunlap:
Nipponzan Myohoji’s founder — dubbed Guruji by his friend Gandhi — developed the practice of walking and drumming with the Lotus Sutra to proclaim the message of nonviolence, as Japanese imperialism returned in the early 20th century. (Like his predecessor, the 13th century Buddhist reformer Nichiren, he attempted to hold political leaders accountable.) The practice also includes fasting and hard physical work-all of it as public as possible, especially in times of crisis.

Jun-san (as she is called in the Japanese way) has fasted and chanted for days in rough weather outside the prisons of Leonard Peltier and Mumia Abu-Jamal. She has walked to challenge the root causes of nuclear weapons, the African slave trade, and many injustices to Native people.

Jun Yasuda has organized many walks including: four months across the US carrying a live flame from Hiroshima; two weeks from Albany into New York City linking Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, and Native American prayers for September 11; and three weeks from Hiroshima to Nara, site of Guruji’s “vision quest.” Her most recent walks include: the 2011 Nuclear Free World Peace Walk from Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant (Buchanan, NY) to Vermont Yankee Power Plant (Vernon, VT);  and the 2012 No More Fukushimas Peace Walk from Oyster Creek Nuclear Power Plant (Forked River, NJ) to Vermont Yankee Power Plant (Vernon, VT).

A video about the 2011 Nuclear Free World Peace Walk:

A video from the 2011 Sacred Sites Peace Walk for a Nuclear Free World: