New Years Day Peace Walk


New Years Day Peace Walk
Save the planet. No more war.

Monday January 1, 2017, at 11am

Coming from Ballston Spa to Saratoga Springs, we will be meeting on Rt. 50 at the Stewarts, and will be walking 5.6 miles to downtown Saratoga where we will be holding a peace vigil. After the vigil, there will be a New Years Day tea party nearby. Everyone is welcome. 

For more information:
Grafton Peace Pagoda 518-658-9301 (7:30am and 4pm) until July 20th
George at 646-784-7616 or email
During the walk you can call Jules at 201-566-8403





Water Walk for Life


water-is-sacred-jpg1Water Walk for Life
13 day/170 mile prayer walk from Ramapough-Lunaape to Grafton, NY
Saturday July 22 thru Saturday August 5, 2017

Our walk connects communities along the Hudson River Valley, land held sacred by many. We start in Ramapough, which means “Sweet Water” in the Algonquin language, and end at the Grafton Peace Pagoda, located in Mohican (People of the Waters that are Never Still) territory for the Hiroshima Day Ceremony. We will be walking in prayer for a peaceful, sustainable future on mother earth.

The proposed Pilgrim Pipelines are parallel pipelines to run from Albany-Rensselaer, NY for approximately 170 miles to Linden, NJ. One pipeline is proposed to carry North Dakotan fracked Bakken shale oil (near Standing Rock) south to refineries in NJ, while the other would carry refined petroleum products north. There are 5 proposed accessory pipelines that would carry oil from the main lines to tank farms along the Hudson River. In addition to the construction of the pipelines themselves access roads for construction and maintenance would be required at 1-mile intervals along the entire route for a total of 215 proposed new roadways, requiring the clearing of at least 600 acres of forest.

The proposed pipelines would cross the Hudson River plus hundreds of smaller rivers, tributaries and regulated wetlands. Each of these crossings would disturb or destroy critical wildlife habitats and endanger the clean water sources for over 100,000. These pipelines would carry almost 17 million gallons of petroleum products each day. New pipelines fail at a higher rate than old ones. Between 2004 and 2012 pipelines spilled three times as much crude oil as trains according to analysis by the International Energy Agency.

Many towns that will be directly impacted by the proposed pipelines have passed resolutions in opposition to its construction after carefully considering the great potential for danger to nature and communities.

For more information:
Grafton Peace Pagoda 518-658-9301 (7:30am and 4pm) until July 20th
George at 646-784-7616 or email
During the walk you can call Jules at 201-566-8403

Join this walk for a few hours or a few days with prayers for water at risk from the proposed Pilgrim Pipeline. Schedule subject to change. This is a drug and alcohol free walk for environmental awareness of the sacred Hudson River Valley and its waters.

Day 1: Saturday July 22 10AM
Ramapough-Lunaape Split Rock
Prayer Camp near Ramapo College
Begin with Water Ceremony, Walk to Sloatsburg
8 miles

Day 2: Sunday July 23 8AM
Sloatsburg to Harriman
13-14 miles

Day 3: Monday July 24 8AM
Harriman to Washingtonville
11-12 miles

Day 4: Tuesday July 25 8AM
Washingtonville to Warden
11-12 miles

Day 5: Wednesday July 26 8AM
Warden to New Paltz
15-16 miles

Day 6: Thursday July 27 8AM
New Paltz to Kingston
14-15 miles

Day 7: Friday July 28 8AM
Rest Day in Kingston

Day 8: Saturday July 29 8AM
Kingston to Saugerties
13-14 miles

Day 9: Sunday July 30 8AM
Saugerties to Catskill
12-14 miles

Day 10: Monday July 31 8AM
Catskill to Ravena
18-20 miles

Day 11: Tuesday August 1 8AM
Ravena to Bethlehem
9-10 miles

Day 12: Wednesday August 2 8AM
Bethlehem to Albany
8 miles

Day 13: Thursday August 3 8AM
Albany to Troy
10 miles


Day 14: Friday August 4 8AM
Work Camp at Grafton Peace Pagoda

Day 15: Saturday August 5
Hiroshima Day Ceremony at Grafton Peace Pagoda
Walk from Grafton Town Center at 6:30pm
4.3 miles

Ceremony for Peace at Grafton Peace
Pagoda 8:00pm
Located nearby Mohican sacred burial site


Water Walk for Life Co-Sponsors: Food & Water Watch, Ramapough Lenape Nation, Coalition Against Pilgrim Pipeline, Riverkeeper, 350NJ, Central Jersey Coalition Against Endless War, Green Party, Sierra Club, Nipponzan Myohoji





Water Walk for Life


Water Walk for Life

90-mile prayer walk from Carteret, NJ to Peekskill Landing Park, NY

Sat., March 4 thru Sat., March 11, 2017


Join this march beginning 3/4/17—for a few hours or a few days…in solidarity with The Standing Rock Sioux, with prayers for water at risk from the Pilgrim Pipeline & Spectra-AIM (Algonquin) pipeline projects in New York & New Jersey, traditional territory of The Lenape.


Walk begins with Water Ceremony by Seneca & Onondaga Nations members.

Day 4: Tobacco Ceremony at Ramapough Lenape Nation’s Split Rock Prayer Camp.

Day 8: vigil at Indian Point nuclear power plant for 6th Anniversary of Fukushima

Daiichi Nuclear Disaster, followed by Water Ceremony at Peekskill Landing Park.

Concludes with potluck & speakers. (Most evenings: potluck/speakers–see reverse for schedule)


The Ramapough Lenape Nation, located in NJ & NY, is struggling to protect their sacred land and water from a pipeline project similar to the one at Standing Rock. The Pilgrim Pipeline would carry Bakken shale oil and its refined products from Albany, NY to Linden, NJ, threatening the health and safety of many communities, the environment, and our drinking water.


There is also great concern about SPECTRA-AIM (Algonquin) Pipeline, which would transport natural gas from Pennsylvania to Boston. An additional route through New York would pass extremely close to Indian Point nuclear power plant in Peekskill. Natural gas pipelines & nuclear plants both pose significant hazards independently; when placed in close proximity of each other, the risk of disaster is greatly multiplied.


For more information:

Facebook page for updates:

Or Janet at

Or Grafton Peace Pagoda: 518-658-9301

(Between Feb. 10 & March 3 only) 

During walk: Jules Orkin at 201-566-8403

Walk organized in alliance with

The Grafton Peace Pagoda

Hudson Valley & tri-state area groups & 

supporters are welcome to participate!


All water is precious: New York, Standing Rock or Fukushima


Water Walk for Life Schedule (3/4/17 – 3/11/17


DAY 1:   3/4/17 (Sat) 10:00am:  Carteret, NJ

meetup: Carteret Waterfront Park (near Linden) 200 Middlesex Ave., Carteret, NJ 07008

(Water Ceremony with Seneca/Onondaga members)

—> Union, NJ

—> (evening/TBA)


DAY 2:   3/5/17 (Sun) 9:00am:  Maplewood, NJ

—> (Montclair)

—> Little Falls, NJ

—> (evening/TBA)


DAY 3:   3/6/17 (Mon) 9:00am:  Little Falls, NJ

—> Oakland, NJ

—> (evening potluck & speakers/details TBA)


DAY 4:   3/7/17 (Tue) 9:00am:  Oakland, NJ

—> 12:30Split Rock-Sweetwater Prayer Camp, 95 Halifax Road, Mahwah, NJ 07430

                 (Tobacco Ceremony with Ramapough Lenape Nation)

—> Suffern, NY

—> (evening potluck & speakers/Ramapough Tribal Office/details TBA)


DAY 5:   3/8/17 (Wed) 9:00am:  Suffern, NY

—> Upper Nyack, NY

—> (evening potluck & speakers/Fellowship of Reconciliation, 521 N Broadway, Nyack, NY 10960)


DAY 6:   3/9/17 (Thur) 9:00am:  Nyack, NY

—> Pray for Indian Point Nuclear Plant from opposite side of Hudson River)

—> (evening potluck & speakers/Stony Point Center, 17 Cricketown Road, Stony Point, New York 10980)


DAY 7:    3/10/17 (Fri) 7:00am:   Stony Point Center, NY

—> 8:45amHaverstraw, NY ~ ~ ~ ~ —>FERRY TO OSSINING

—> 9:05amOssining, NY

—> Croton-on-Hudson, NY

—> (evening/TBA)


DAY 8:   3/11/17 (Sat) 9:00am:  Croton-on-Hudson, NY

—> 9:00am meetup at:  Foodtown, 2005 Albany Post Rd., Croton-On-Hudson, NY 10520

—> 11:00amIndian Point Nuclear Power Plant (Fukushima 6th Anniversary vigil)

—> 12:40pm:  Peekskill Landing Park (Water Ceremony with Seneca/Onondaga members)

—> 2:00pm:    Peekskill Presbyterian Church, 705 South St., Peekskill, NY 10566 (potluck & speakers/concluding circle)



For more information:  

Facebook page for updates:

Email:  Janet at  ~

Email from February 1st onwardsAyumi at

Grafton Peace Pagoda: 518-658-9301* (*Between Feb. 10 & March 3 only)

During walk: Jules Orkin at 201-566-8403





Capital District Peace Walk

Capital District Peace Walk

Tuesday Aug 2–7am Knolls Atomic Power Lab Niskayuna

Wednesday Aug 3–6am corner of Grand and Elm Albany

Thursday Aug 4–6 or 6:30am corner of Rt 9 and Menands Rd in Loudonville (Italian market)

Friday Aug 5–6:30 or 7am 810 4th ave(between 122nd and 123rd) In Troy (Lansingburgh)

Cell phone for use during walk only 518-466-8819

Walking 8-9 miles each day.


peace walk

Capital District Hiroshima-Nagasaki Peace Walk
August 2-5, 2016

Everyone is welcome.  We will walk approximately 9 miles daily. You are welcome to join the walk for a minute, an hour, a day, every day.

Please contact the Peace Pagoda to participate:

Tuesday, August 2nd, Schenectady

Wednesday, August 3rd,  Albany

Thursday, August 4th, Cohoes

Friday, August 5th, Troy

For more information please call the Grafton Peace Pagoda between 7:30am and 4:30pm at (518) 658-9301.



The 2015 NPT Peace Walk For A Nuclear Free Future

For Peace and the Planet, From San Francisco to the United Nations, NYC
Friday March 20th to Sunday Apr 26th, 2015

2015 marks 70 years since the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We must never let such disasters happen again. Carrying this urgent prayer, we will walk to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference at the United Nations in New York City. On the way we will pass through Native Americans lands, where people continue to suffer from all stages of the nuclear cycle. We will carry a prayer and a pledge that, in keeping with the wisdom of Indigenous people, we will create a sustainable society where we can live in harmony with Mother Earth. Our peace walkers from Japan will report on situation of the ongoing Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster, from which we must conclude that there can be no “peaceful use of nuclear technology.”

  • Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT): The treaty’s objective is to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons and weapons technology. Since its implementation in 1970, the review conference has been held every five years. Although NPT Article VI mandates that nuclear states commence negotiations for total elimination of nuclear weapons, the NPT is barely effective due to the lack commitment of the signatories, and the fact that NPT endorses “Peaceful use of Nuclear Technology.” We, the grass-roots groups, need to urge the nuclear powers to acknowledge that the “nuclear issue is not only about national security but about the survival of Mother Earth and human beings.” We must urge them: “Do not move backwards, take action for a nuclear free future!”
  • Lawrence Livermore Nuclear Laboratory: Located east of San Francisco. The laboratory focused on innovative weapon design concepts, such as plutonium and H-bombs. Pacific Islanders are still suffering today from H-bombs tests conducted by the Nuclear Powers.
  • Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant: Located in Central California. The last nuclear power plant on the West Coast of North America. The power plant stands on the sacred sites of the Chumash Tribe.
  • Nevada Test Site: The largest nuclear test site on the globe. From 1951to1992, a total of 928 nuclear tests (both atmospheric and underground) took place at the Nevada Test Site, the lands of the Western Shoshone tribe. Radioactive fallout has is creating downwind sicknesses even today. We will walk to Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Repository. The Yucca Mountain project was once abandoned but might be re-opened.
  • Big Mountain: Located in Central Arizona. Navajo tribe living at Big Mountain, a part of Black Mesa, an area rich in natural resources including uranium, coal and natural gas, have been forcefully removed. Since the federal government ordered partition of their land and assigned it to the Hopi tribe. The mining companies and the Hopi tribal council have persecuted Navajo tribes. The late Junji Shumanuki Shonin’s life practice was here.
  • West Valley: In the suburbs of Buffalo, NY there are massive amounts of radioactive nuclear waste is buried in West Valley has been a great threat to lives and land of the Seneca Nation.
  • Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory: Located outside of Albany, NY. The laboratory has been conducting research & development for the production of nuclear submarines.
  • Indian Point Power Plant: This aging nuclear power plant is located within less than 50 miles of Manhattan. IP 2’s original 40-year operating license expired in 2013 and IP 3 will be expire in 2015.

No drugs, alcohol, or weapons.

We will typically walk 12-18 miles per day.

Contact: Jun Yasuda
Nipponzan Myohoji Grafton Peace Pagoda
87 Crandall Rd. Petersburg, NY 12138
Phone: 518-658-9301

Jules Orkin
Phone 201-566-8403

2015 NPT Walk for a Nuclear Free Future
From San Francisco to the UN (NY)
Date Point of Departure Destination

Day 1 & 2 3/18 & 19 Wed & Thu Arrival of walkers in Bay Area

Day 3 3/20 Fri Richmond to Berkeley/Oakland

Day 4 3/21 Sat San Francisco (Walk in the city, including the Consulate General of Japan.)

Day 5 3/22 Sun Oakland to Hayward

Day 6 3/23 Mon Hayward to Dublin

Day 7 3/24 Tue Dublin to Lawrence Livermore Nuclear Laboratory

Day 8 3/25 Wed Hayward to San Luis Obispo (Shuttle)

Day 9 3/26 Thu Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant to San Luis Obispo, CA

Day 10 3/27 Fri San Luis Obispo to Los Angeles (Shuttle)

Day 11 3/28 Sat Los Angeles (Stay at Nipponzan Myohoji, LA Dojo)

Day 12 3/29 Sun Los Angeles to Las Vegas, NV (Bus)

Day 13 3/30 Mon Las Vegas – Join the walk “Nevada Desert Experiences”

Day 14 3/31 Tue Walking in the desert

Day 15 4/1 Wed Creech Drone Station

Day 16 4/2 Thu Nevada Test Site

Day 17 4/3 Fri Yucca Mt. Nuclear Waste Repository

Day 18 4/4 Sat Las Vegas, NV to Flagstaff, AZ (Bus)

Day 19 4/5 Sun Flagstaff (Walk)

Day 20 4/6 Mon Cameron (Abandoned Uranium Mines)

Day 21 4/7 Tue Havasupai Tribe?

Day 22 4/8 Wed Big Mountain

Day 23 4/9 Thu Flagstaff, AZ to Buffalo, NY (Night Flight /Bus)

Day 24 4/10 Fri Arrive Buffalo, NY

Day 25 4/11 Sat Walk Buffalo, NY to Hamburg

Day 26 4/12 Sun Walk 15 miles from Hamburg toward West Valley

Day 27 4/13 Mon Walk 15 miles between Hamburg and West Valley

Day 28 4/14 Tue West Valley Nuclear Waste Site

Day 29 4/15 Wed Walk around Cattaraugus Seneca Nation

Day 30 4/16 Thu Buffalo to Albany-Grafton Peace Pagoda (Amtrak or shuttle)

Day 31 4/17 Fri Grafton Peace Pagoda to Troy

Day 32 4/18 Sat North Central Troy to Saratoga Springs Peace Vigil – Ballston Spa

Day 33 4/19 Sun Ballston Spa to Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory (Niskayuna)

Day 34 4/20 Mon Walk from Schenectady to Albany

Day 35 4/21 Tue Shuttle from Albany to Stony Point, Walk from Stony Point to Vigil in front of Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant on west side of Hudson River

Day 36 4/22 Wed “Earth Day” Walk from Peekskill to Indian Point, Walk from Indian Point to Croton on Hudson

Day 37 4/23 Thu Stony Point to Nyack

Day 38 4/24 Fri Nyack to Englewood, NJ

Day 39 4/25 Sat Englewood to Fort Lee (Joining with 2 other courses) walk over GW Bridge

Day 40 4/26 Sun United Nations (NY City)

Day 41 4/27 Mon NPT Review Conference NPT (Prayer and Fasting)





Peace Walk for Earth and Life


junsanPeace Walk for Earth and Life
March 2- March 15, 2014
Grafton, NY- New York City, NY- Washington, DC

Humanity is at a crossroads. With dangerous and misguided technologies we have plundered the Earth for the enrichment of the few, leaving a legacy of environmental degradation and destruction and threatening the very existence of human life on this planet. In our spiritually disconnected and short-sighted way we are destroying the Earth, the very source and sustainer of life. It is time to turn away from the “extraction mentality” that makes the earth into a mere commodity to be exploited. It is time to come back to a simple, sustainable way of living rooted in respect for the Earth and the deep interconnectedness of all life. [Inspired by Chief Arvol Looking Horse-]

The Walk for Earth and Life is a call to consciousness, a strong refusal of the logic that gave rise to the ongoing crisis in Fukushima, to the horrors of climate change, and the poisoning of our water resources by fracking. All are welcome to join us for any amount of time.

Walk Schedule (Subject to change. Please contact the organizers to verify locations and times)

March 1–  (Saturday):  Grafton Peace Pagoda to Berlin,NY
March 2–  (Sunday):  Berlin, NY- New Lebanon, NY
March 3–  (Monday):  New Lebanon, NY- Austerlitz, NY
March 4–  ( Tuesday):  Austerlitz, NY- Hillsdale, NY
March 5–  (Wednesday):  Hillsdale, NY- Copake, NY
March 6–  (Thursday):  Copake, NY- Millerton, NY
March 7–  (Friday):  Millerton, NY- Amenia/Wassaic, NY

March 8–  (Saturday):  Croton Falls, NY (or Coldspring) to Peekskill, NY
March 9–  (Sunday):  Croton on Hudson, NY to Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant to Peekskill, NY

March 10–  (Monday):  Stony Point, NY to Nyack, NY
March 11–  (Tuesday):  White Plains, NY:  Fast & Peace Vigil at Entergy headquarters
March 12–  (Wednesday):  New Haven, CT Join the Walk for a New Spring from Massachusetts
March 13–  (Thursday):  New Haven, CT- Bridgeport, CT
March 14–  (Friday):  Bridgeport, CT- White Plains, NY
March 15–  (Saturday):  New York City.  Union Square (1pm) to Tompkins Square Park

April 8—(Tuesday): Walk finishes in Washington D.C.


For more information contact Grafton Peace Pagoda at 518-658-9301 (before the walk starts), or when the walk is underway contact 413-320-2856. For more information about Leverett Peace Pagoda’s Walk for a New Spring to Washington DC contact Tim Bullock @ 413-485-8469. Email –





Maine Drone Peace Walk


Maine Drone Peace Walk
October 10-19, 2013
Preserve our Privacy: No Drone Spying in Maine

President Obama has announced that 30,000 drones will be soon flying around the US doing surveillance of the American people. Thirty-seven states have applied to be one of six drone test centers across the nation. More than 500 drone manufacturing corporations are now bidding to be recipients of Pentagon funds for drones. Join us as we walk across parts of Maine from October 10-19 to call attention to this deadly and unconstitutional drone program. We must push back against the expanding use of surveillance drones in the US and weaponized drones around the world that are killing many innocent people. There is much talk about bringing drones to Maine and making the Presque Isle airport a weaponized drone test center, thus our reason for starting the walk in Aroostook County. Our non-violent peace walk will be led by Buddhist monks and nuns from the Nipponzan Myohoji order.
Drone Walk Schedule:
•  October 10 (Thursday) Begin in Limestone (former Loring AFB) and walk to Caribou.
•  October 11 (Friday) Walk to Presque Isle
•  October 12 (Saturday) Drive to Indian Island (near Old Town) and walk into Bangor
•  October 13 (Sunday) Walk to Skowhegan (need to drive some part of the day)
•  October 14 (Monday) Walk to Mercer
•  October 15 (Tuesday) Walk to Farmington
•  October 16 (Wednesday) Walk to Waterville (need to shuttle some part of the day)
•  October 17 (Thursday) Walk to Belgrade
•  October 18 (Friday) Walk to Augusta and hold closing ceremony at state capital at 3 pm (Potluck & program at Mediation & Facilitation Resource Center, 11 King St at 6:00 pm)
•  October 19 (Saturday) Shuttle to Bath and join protest against BIW “Christening” of first stealth destroyer – we urge folks to join us from around state at 10:00 am

Get more information about the Maine Drone Peace Walk by calling (207) 443-9502 or visit our web sites.
Maine Campaign to Bring Our War $$ Home
Maine Veterans for Peace





Two Row Wampum Renewal Peace Walk

Microsoft Word - Two Row Wampum Peace Walk

Two Row Wampum Renewal Peace Walk
July 27 – August 10, 2013
Rensselaer, NY  to United Nations, New York, NY

The Two Row Wampum Belt is the symbolic record of the first agreement between the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) and Europeans on Turtle Island/North America. 2013 marks the 400th anniversary of this first covenant, which forms the basis for the covenant chain of all subsequent treaty relationships made by the Haudenosaunee with settler governments on this continent. The agreement outlines a mutual, three-part commitment to friendship, peace between peoples, and living in parallel forever (as long as the grass is green, as long as the rivers flow downhill and as long as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west). Throughout the years, the Haudenosaunee have sought to honor this mutual vision and have increasingly emphasized that ecological stewardship is a fundamental prerequisite for this continuing friendship. We will walk to support the Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign’s Symbolic Enactment, a two week paddling journey and related events that will draw thousands of people to the Hudson River to learn and be inspired to create an equitable and sustainable future for all in the Hudson Valley and beyond. With each step we will strive to transform our relationship to the river and all parts of the natural world, incorporating a sense of historic responsibility for the environment and justice for the original inhabitants of this land.

Walk Schedule (subject to change)
7/27 (Saturday): Opening Fest, Russell Sage College, Troy, NY (10 am- 5 pm)
7/28 (Sunday): Rensselaer to Schodack
7/29 (Monday): Schodack to Coxsackie
7/30 (Tuesday): Coxsackie to Catskill
7/31 (Wednesday): Catskill to Ulster Landing
8/1 (Thursday): Ulster Landing to Norrie Park
8/2 (Friday): Norrie Park to Poughkeepsie
8/3 (Saturday): Poughkeepsie to Beacon
8/4 (Sunday): Beacon to Cold Spring
8/5 (Monday): Cold Spring to Stony Point
8/6 (Tuesday): Stony Point to Croton
8/7 (Wednesday): Croton to Piermont
8/8 (Thursday): Piermont to Inwood Hill
8/9 (Friday): Inwood Hill to Pier 96 (Manhattan); join the paddlers to march from Pier 96 to United Nations
8/10 (Saturday): Festival in New York City

We will walk a total of about 160 miles, typically walking 13-15 miles per day. We will begin walking around 8:30 or 9:00 am every morning, and finish around 4:30 pm. Because the canoes will be travelling according to the tides, they will depart at a different time each day, but we will meet them at the end of each day. All are welcome to join the walk at any point for any length of time. The walk will be free of drugs, alcohol, and weapons. Walkers who plan to join for more than one day should bring a tent and a sleeping bag, and their own plate and utensils.

Because we are walking in support of the Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign, the situation with cost is different than most Nipponzan Myohoji Japanese Buddhist Order walks. For the Two Row Campaign there is a cost of $30 per day to cover costs of food, camping, support vehicles, etc. Walkers are asked to contribute to those costs as you are able. All contributions can be made to Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation (see contact information below).

For more information before the walk contact Jun San at the Grafton Peace Pagoda (518-658-9301); during the walk
contact Jules Orkin (201-566-8403). For more information about the Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign contact
Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation/Syracuse Peace Council (315-701-1592).



Peace Pilgrimage for a Nuclear Free Future
Friday March 1 – Friday April 5, 2013
Grafton Peace Pagoda – Washington, D.C.

Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo

On March 11, 2011 a 9.0 magnitude earthquake struck Japan. This earthquake triggered a devastating Tsunami.   As a result the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant suffered explosions and created a very serious nuclear crisis, which continues even now. Almost 2 years after Fukushima’s nuclear accident there is still no solution. The radioactivity in Fukushima still measures one hundred and thirty eight times higher than Chernobyl. More than 40% of Fukushima children have precancerous thyroid problems. The Japanese government still has no solution to safely clean up and dispose of nuclear waste. We cannot allow this problem to pass to the next generation.

 The “Idle no more” movement in Canada is a movement to protect Mother Earth. For over a month Chief Theresa Spence of the Attawpiskat tribe has been fasting to call attention to the peoples’ land. We have limited natural resources.  We cannot coexist with nuclear power. Let’s walk together step by step as a testament of our commitment in protecting the natural resources of Mother Earth.  Let us protect ourselves and our future generations from re-occurrence of this tragedy.

Each step will be a prayer toward World Peace and a Nuclear Free future.

3/1 (Fri) Grafton Peace Pagoda – Troy NY

3/2 (Sat)  Troy NY – Knowles Atomic Laboratory Niskayuna NY

3/3 (Sun) Niskayuna NY – Albany NY

3/4 (Mon) Albany NY – Kinderhook NY

3/5 (Tues) Kinderhook NY – Hudson NY

3/6 (Wed) Travel to Fishkill NY –Beacon NY – Cold Springs NY

3/7 (Thur) Cold Spring NY Rest Day

3/8 (Fri) Cold Spring NY – Peekskill NY

3/9 (Sat) We will join the Leverett Peace Pagoda’s “Walk for a new Spring” at Croton-On-Hudson, NY to Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant and will walk with them for the remainder of this walk.

For the remainder of the schedule please see the “Walk for a New Spring” flier at

 We will walk a total of approximately 400 miles, beginning each day at 8 am and typically walking 15-18 miles per day.  Feel free to join the walk at any point for any length of time.  Please respect that the walk will be free of drugs, alcohol and weapons.

For more information:
*Grafton Peace Pagoda (518) 658-9301
*Jules Orkin  (201) 566-8403 (during walk 3/1 – 3/9)
Initiated by Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist order