Remembering Dennis Banks

On Oct. 29th, 2017, Dennis Banks, beloved friend of Jun-san Yasuda and the Grafton Peace Pagoda, a renowned Anishanabe activist, teacher and writer, died at the age of 80. He was surrounded in song by his children and grandchildren.

On Saturday Dec. 16th the Leverett Peace Pagoda will host the 49 Days Commemoration of Dennis Banks, starting at 10:30am. It is located at 100 Cave Hill Rd, Leverett, MA. (413) 367-2202

Also, save the date for the 25th Anniversary of the Grafton Peace Pagoda, which will also be the 1 Year Commemoration of Dennis Banks on October 6 or 7, 2018.

We honor the life of this beloved friend with this video memory: