Peace Pilgrimage for a Nuclear Free Future
Friday March 1 – Friday April 5, 2013
Grafton Peace Pagoda – Washington, D.C.

Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo

On March 11, 2011 a 9.0 magnitude earthquake struck Japan. This earthquake triggered a devastating Tsunami.   As a result the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant suffered explosions and created a very serious nuclear crisis, which continues even now. Almost 2 years after Fukushima’s nuclear accident there is still no solution. The radioactivity in Fukushima still measures one hundred and thirty eight times higher than Chernobyl. More than 40% of Fukushima children have precancerous thyroid problems. The Japanese government still has no solution to safely clean up and dispose of nuclear waste. We cannot allow this problem to pass to the next generation.

 The “Idle no more” movement in Canada is a movement to protect Mother Earth. For over a month Chief Theresa Spence of the Attawpiskat tribe has been fasting to call attention to the peoples’ land. We have limited natural resources.  We cannot coexist with nuclear power. Let’s walk together step by step as a testament of our commitment in protecting the natural resources of Mother Earth.  Let us protect ourselves and our future generations from re-occurrence of this tragedy.

Each step will be a prayer toward World Peace and a Nuclear Free future.

3/1 (Fri) Grafton Peace Pagoda – Troy NY

3/2 (Sat)  Troy NY – Knowles Atomic Laboratory Niskayuna NY

3/3 (Sun) Niskayuna NY – Albany NY

3/4 (Mon) Albany NY – Kinderhook NY

3/5 (Tues) Kinderhook NY – Hudson NY

3/6 (Wed) Travel to Fishkill NY –Beacon NY – Cold Springs NY

3/7 (Thur) Cold Spring NY Rest Day

3/8 (Fri) Cold Spring NY – Peekskill NY

3/9 (Sat) We will join the Leverett Peace Pagoda’s “Walk for a new Spring” at Croton-On-Hudson, NY to Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant and will walk with them for the remainder of this walk.

For the remainder of the schedule please see the “Walk for a New Spring” flier at

 We will walk a total of approximately 400 miles, beginning each day at 8 am and typically walking 15-18 miles per day.  Feel free to join the walk at any point for any length of time.  Please respect that the walk will be free of drugs, alcohol and weapons.

For more information:
*Grafton Peace Pagoda (518) 658-9301
*Jules Orkin  (201) 566-8403 (during walk 3/1 – 3/9)
Initiated by Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist order



Jun San Yusada recently travelled to Ottawa, Canada in support of the “Idle No More” movement, and to support Cheif Spence of the Attawapiskat First Nation. On that day, Chief Spence had spent more that 30 days in a hunger strike that began on December 11.


From Idle No More’s website:

Our Goals and objectives are to ensure that the environment is protected and our inherent right to Indigenous sovereignty is recognized as we urge the government of Canada to repeal all legislation which violates Treaties, Aboriginal inherent rights and title, and subsequently environmental protections of land and water.

Later that week Jun San also joined with joins Veterans for Peace walking from Baltimore, MD to Washington DC for the presidential inauguration.


Photo by Mary Crate
Graphic image by Jesus Barraza